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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Uncategorized 13th December 2021: A Historical Date for PMP!

13th December 2021: A Historical Date for PMP!

by Emma Wright | Uncategorized

Monday was a huge milestone for us at Pick My Postcode as we conducted our first ever Live Draw!

With a whopping 41,419 of you signing up, we were so chuffed to see how many turned up, and to read all the positive comments. Thank you all so much!

If you missed the Live Draw, while you will not be able to claim any potential wins retrospectively, you can still ‘watch it on catch up’ here and see if Chris made any bloopers!


Congratulations to our 6 winners

£50 – BS3 2RU, G73 1DN, TQ6 9EF
£100 – KT18 7QT
£250 – S41 9PU
£500 – BD20 9LG

Thank you to our sponsor, Readly

Get their exclusive 1 month free trial here. and enjoy unlimited access to all your favourite magazines, over 5,000 for both on and offline reading with up to 5 profiles per account for all the family. You’ll even get a £7 PMP Bonus. (Just send a screenshot of your Readly welcome email to admin@pickmypostcode.com)

HURRY, this exclusive offer ends on 17th December!

Screenshot of the Readly Offer that was displayed in the Live Draw

Our Product Team worked hard behind the scenes to make this happen and we’ve learned an immense amount about the world of live broadcasting! The weeks leading up to it were full of nerves and excitement for the whole team as we first had to find a sponsor to enable us to give away more prizes for free. HUGE thank you to Readly for being our first sponsor!

Then it came time for Chris to practice what he was going to say. We all wanted his personality to shine through so really didn’t want it to be scripted but nerves are a funny thing, especially when you have an audience of thousands! The last two weeks were spent ironing out the kinks… and rehearsing a lot more!

Finally, the day arrived and it was down to Chris, and the Product Team to double check everything was ready while the rest of us created social media posts, shared our anticipation with the PMP community and asked Chris how he was feeling! We were all sitting in front of our devices about an hour before it even started, watching our YouTube Channel as the comments started trickling in.

Screenshot of the Live Draw on YouTube as we waited for it to start


Then the trickle turned to a flood once Chris appeared! The comments went crazy! … in a good way!

Screenshot of when Chris appeared in the Live Draw video


Screenshot of comment saying "It's lovely to see you in person."

Screenshot of a comment that asks Chris "are you auditioning for James Bond?"


Once it was over we all breathed a little sigh of relief, congratulated Chris and watched to see how it had been received by the community.


Comment saying "Good format and I like that it wasn't too long. Thanks"

Comment saying "you read my message!! Thank you! Better than winning!"

Comment saying "Great fun and definitely would watch again even though I didn't win haha"

Comment saying "my friend won 2nd prize"

Some of you commented on the music playing in the countdown, it was called Little Jazz Fun by Pressmaster. If you loved the song, you can purchase it yourself here.

This morning we had a team meeting to discuss how it went and where we can go from here! We are very grateful to Readly for helping us to make it possible, our members for supporting us and we sincerely hope that this will not be the only Live Draw that PMP has! We’d love to know what you thought : ) Do you think we should do another in the future? Let us know in the comments.