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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog £362,180 Missed Flash Draws

£362,180 Missed Flash Draws

by Chris | Giveaways, News

You're a £5 Flash Draw WinnerIn case you didn’t know, Flash Draws appear in the ad slots on FPL. See one of these in the usual ad slots, click it, and we’ll send you £5 via PayPal. So far 1,706 have been claimed… But 72,436 have been missed. That’s £362,180!

Before you go frantically refreshing the page, let me explain a little about how these work. Each new page you visit on FPL per day, gives you a chance of getting a Flash Draw win, up to 5 times. So, there is no point refreshing the same page, and there is no point endlessly clicking around the site. It is designed to reward you for using the site as intended and paying attention to the ads (after all, they fund the prizes). Visit the usual draws, have your wits about you and you might just catch one.

Hope that makes sense. Good luck!

Chris 🙂