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Blog A Tenner For Your Thoughts?

A Tenner For Your Thoughts?

by Chris | Earn money online

Following my Money Saving Tips article there were a number of recommendations for websites that reward users with cash (usually in the form of vouchers) for completing surveys and answering polls.

Global Test Market

“More survey sites which I use:

WISAD – a GFK spin-off. £2 Amazon for a lot of surveys, also get put into draws to win more.

GlobalTestMarket and ValuedOpinions are the best by far though.”

Rob K

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Ipsos-Mori. They have longer surveys (10-40 minutes) that pay in points, roughly 10 minutes for 100-150 points. Many vouchers are available costing 1390 points for a £10 voucher (I always get Amazon but there are other options of you don’t shop there.) One of my favorite thing about the site is – if you do get screened out of a survey, they pay you points for the time you spent on it (unlike valued opinions, if you’re halfway through before getting booted, you earn half the surveys points!) They also do well paying phone surveys – for which they’ll often send Love2Shop vouchers – a 30 minute chat can earn a £20 voucher!. They’re a spam free genuine UK company. I’ve not been a member of this one long but have already had £30 in amazon vouchers and £60 in Love2Shop vouchers (Argos, Halfords and the like iirc.)”


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Valued Opinions

“I currently use: VALUED OPINIONS (Pay : Vouchers, £10 cashout threshold)… There’s always several surveys sent out a week, paying on average anything between 50p – £1.50 each. They are of reasonable length and often quite interesting, and the money is usually credited to your account and visible on the dashboard immediately. The money earned soon mounts up and I usually cash out £10 of vouchers each month.


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“I find the best paying site to be Mysurvey (uk.mysurvey.com). They also offer the widest range of rewards I’ve seen. I usually take the Paypal option but they offer vouchers, Nectar points and all kinds of items for the home (kitchenware, electronics, sporting goods, jewellery – the list goes on). You can even choose to donate the money to charity instead. Plus you get free entry into their prize draws for even more money to spend on top.

As recommended above, Valued Opinions is probably the site I use second most.

panelbase.net doesn’t have too many surveys but pays well for those it does and also pays direct to your bank account with a £10 minimum cash out.

If you can recommend a site that lets you earn money/rewards online then please let us know in the comments sections below.”


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inbox pounds

“Ellie is right survey sites are the best way!

I use : INBOXPOUNDS you cash out at £20 and get instant gold membership free! (after first cash out)
Not only do they give you surveys you get paid emails – just click ‘confirm paid mail’s and you get 1p from each! Along with 30 sec videos for 1-3p.

And multiple cash back deals like take a lovefilm free trial and get £4!
Surveys range from 20p right up to £4! You will be emailed some and others are on the website most through peanutlabs. On average each survey will be about 50p!”


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“This site is disliked by many, the surveys can be quite long and they take a very long time to credit and even longer to pay once you have earned enough for a reward (I get £15 Amazon for 80,000 points or £30 PayPal for 160,000 points – loads of others are available though.) This site isn’t amazing but if you have free time then it’ll make you money eventually – not recommended for a quick buck or for the impatient!) My top tip is to let them email you and cherry pick the well paying surveys (ignore 20+ minutes for 2400/3000 points but jump on the well paying short surveys, 5000-10,000 points for 5-10 minutes do happen and are well worth the time if you’re willing to play the long game waiting for them to credit/pay.) My personal earnings from this site in the past 18 months are approx £120 (but I only do the bargain surveys or if I’m really bored.)”


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