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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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Posts by: Chris

High Street July: Help your Local Shops + Earn Bonus

by Chris | Local, News

Our local businesses are pushed out by big supermarket chains and our high streets blighted by betting shops. We all want to shop independent but how often do we remember to pick up our meat from our butcher, our bread from our bakers, and our umm… candles from our candlestick makers? We want to help by rewarding you with 5% Bonus each time you shop local in July. How? … Read more

Introducing: Another daily draw! Video Draw... Beta!

by Chris | News

Watch a short video, reveal another daily winning postcode… Standard FPL. We’re starting at £20 per day, but if it goes well like the Survey Draw did, we’ll raise this amount pretty soon. We’re also adding another 1p per day to your Bonus when you visit the new Video Draw 🙂 … Read more

Grazey in Love

by Chris | Reviews

FPL needs to promote stuff to make money. We go out of our way to only advertise good stuff, but sometimes we’re lucky enough to get paid to promote stuff that we love. Pact Coffee is one of them, but I’ve also fallen in love with my weekly snack fix from Graze. Here’s why. … Read more