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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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Posts by: Chris

Another FPLer wins big with Tengi!

by Chris | News

Chatterbox and Free Postcode Lottery member Liz Wilson has lots to talk about – she’s the second FPLer to win the £1,000 weekly top prize on messaging app Tengi! Tengi, dubbed Whatsapp with prizes, rewards users with a weekly cash draw for using its free service to send texts, photos, video and other messages. Lucky … Read more

FPL is 4 Year Old. The Jackpot is now £100 per day and Survey Draw is £50!

by Chris | News

In 2011 I released my experiment into the wild with every expectation that it would wither and die, but 4 years on I’m astonished at how big FPL has become, how much press coverage it has achieved, and how much of a community has grown around it since we celebrated our last birthday. To mark the occasion I’m raising the main draw prize fund to £100 early, and putting the Survey Draw up to £50! … Read more