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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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Posts by: Chris

A Tenner For Your Thoughts?

by Chris | Earn money online

Following my Money Saving Tips article there were a number of recommendations for websites that reward users with cash (usually in the form of vouchers) for completing surveys and answering polls. “More survey sites which I use: WISAD – a GFK spin-off. £2 Amazon for a lot of surveys, also get put into draws to … Read more

Money Saving Tips Wanted

by Chris | Money Saving

What’s the next best thing to winning money? Saving money surely. What’s better than both? Winning sweets for telling us about saving money! If you’ve got a good tip then please let us know in the comments section below. We’ll post the best ones to our Facebook Fan Page. The tip that gets the most … Read more

Pointless Postcode Trivia Anyone?

by Chris | News

Some of you might remember that in June I asked you to tell me what’s special about your postcode. Those of you who didn’t answer “My postcode is special because I live there” (really.. A lot of people said that) had your comments posted on our Facebook Fan Page. You may also remember that I … Read more

Gemma Wins £240 Highest Ever Pot

by Chris | Winner feedback

On Monday the 16th of September Gemma from PL20 7RF claimed the hendecuple (that’s 11 times!) rollover pot amounting to £241.06. Our highest ever win. Within 24 hours she’d spent it all on vodka and came back asking for more. No seriously… She’s putting it towards a trip to Dubai to spend some quality time … Read more

Why do the same postcodes always win?

by Chris | FAQ

That’s a polite way of putting the question that gets asked the most on this site. The answer is simply that they don’t. Why does it seem that they do? Most probably because some postcodes have more entries than others. What do we have against Swindon? Absolutely nothing! The reason YO11 & YO12 (Scarborough) win … Read more

Turn and face the stranger

by Chris | News

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! I’ve made some improvements (I hear groans..) most of which are based on user feedback, but some of which I’ve been meaning to make for ages. Firstly, the page layout is made to respond (and adapt) to different screen sizes. Most notably, when you open the page in a mobile the sections should stack … Read more