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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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Posts by: Chris

Are we drinking through the crisis?

by Chris | Statistics

A week or so into lockdown, flicking through Twitter with one hand and supping a cold beer with the other, I was stunned to see this: I know everything’s a bit strange and everyone’s doing whatever they can to cope, but please, please go easy on the drink. I know some people won’t like me … Read more

Sticks and stones

by Chris | News

You may have noticed that we are asking you to “vouch for us” on our Facebook ads. We realise this is a cheeky ask, but there’s good reason. … Read more

PLEASE READ: Prizes temporarily lowered

by Chris | News

I’m sad to announce that from today we are temporarily putting the daily Main Draw pot down to £200 from £500, the Video Draw pot down to £50 from £100 and removing 4 of the 10 daily Stackpot prizes. The Coronavirus crisis has hit many small businesses, including our own. We rely on advertising revenue … Read more

More colourful maps!

by Chris | Member submission, Statistics

A few weeks ago PMP super-boffin-and-comment-addict Dave Moore produced a map of the UK plotting wins on PMP since we launched in 2011. It showed that if you feel aggrieved about not winning, you’re probably a sheep. Now, he’s created these two lovely maps to demonstrate the correlation between registered postcodes and wins, hopefully putting the conspiracy theories to bed for good. Let’s see…. … Read more