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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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Bonus Boosters Win Bigger

by Chris | Bonuses, Earn extra bonus, News

chrisI hinted at more Bonus updates last week. We’ve had some great feedback, both good and bad, about our new Bonus Draws page, but there’s more to come. And don’t worry, the Bonus Leaderboard will be returning soon. Oops!

Last week I mentioned Pat who had £157.86 added to her Stackpot win, but here’s another from Trekker22 on Friday 13th of December:

“Friday 13th was lucky for me – postcode came up on Stackpot, managed to be first to claim, and total win came to a very nice £193.99! Couldn’t have been timed better, 2 weeks before Christmas, so will be very useful! Thanks to Chris and all at admin – hope you all have a great Christmas, and good luck to everyone else on the site!”

This made me wonder… who are the biggest Bonus winners so far? Indeed, you’re more likely to win on the Stackpot because there’s at least 10 chances for your postcode to come up per day. Despite the prizes only being £10, a healthy Bonus can win you more than nearly all of the other draws.

Over the last year or so we’ve been focusing on sourcing Bonus surveys. Those should improve in both quality and quantity in the coming months, but we’re also turning our attention to sourcing better Bonus offers. We’ve had some pretty whacky ideas for other Bonus building tasks, which we’ll share with you once we’ve worked out what might work. In the meantime, please do let us know if you have any ideas. There’s much wisdom in the PMP crowd. For now:

Top 20 Bonus Winners of All Time

Winner Date Pot Bonus
IG2 6NE 09/12/2018 £10 £220.15
SS3 9AS 22/12/2019 £10 £208.98
SS9 1RN 13/12/2019 £10 £183.99
WS7 3UZ 22/11/2018 £100 £172.87
TR11 4AF 07/01/2020 £10 £157.86
NE34 9HU 21/03/2019 £10 £141.02
MK45 2BS 07/08/2019 £10 £139.40
CO4 5YE 03/10/2019 £10 £134.03
N2 0NJ 22/02/2019 £20 £129.44
PL7 5DY 21/12/2019 £10 £126.33
CF43 4NP 14/10/2019 £50 £123.71
DE72 3FX 20/12/2019 £10 £119.20
LS15 7DN 01/01/2020 £10 £116.19
NR34 9JJ 14/09/2018 £10 £115.42
TS11 7AS 15/11/2019 £10 £114.46
LN9 5PJ 22/07/2019 £100 £113.25
WA10 4NW 13/01/2020 £10 £111.32
TQ12 4JW 09/09/2017 £10 £107.82
LU1 1JN 24/12/2018 £10 £107.51
BS37 5XS 12/10/2019 £10 £106.76

Happy Bonus Boosting!

Chris & Team 🙂