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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog FAQ BT Email Reminders: Update

BT Email Reminders: Update

by Chris | FAQ, News

ALERT: Success! Our email reminders are now back up and running! Thank you all for your patience.

Unfortunately, BT have incorrectly identified our daily reminders as spam, which is preventing the reminders from reaching our members.

This situation also relates to both Win a Dinner and Freemoji.

We’ve contacted the BT postmaster team to try to resolve the issue directly with them.

This issue is only effecting BT users, so if you have a non-BT email address, please feel free to swap to that to receive the reminders again.

How can I change the email address associated with my PMP account?

You do this by clicking here: Edit my Account (This is the only way to change your details that will keep your bonus on your account.)

A screenshot of the my account page on Pick My Postcode. This screenshot displays the place there you can change your email, in the first box, your postcode, in the second box, or your nick name, in the final box.

  1. Go to the My Details tab on the left menu. (You may need to create a password before you can unlock this section)
  2. Click in the box that contains your existing information, delete the current postcode/email address/nickname and type the new one in manually.
  3. Click ‘Update details’.
  4. You should see a green box appear saying ‘Your details have been updated’.

The update:

We’re still waiting on further assistance from BT’s postmaster team.

Around 90% of the emails we’re sending to BT addresses are still being misidentified as spam.

This means around 10% are getting through to inboxes, but it’s unlikely to consistently get through to the same members.

In the mean time, please consider bookmarking our website for quick access.

Please know we are working hard to fix this issue.

How can you help?

Want to help us get BT’s attention? Tweet them at @bt_uk asking why they are classifying PMP as spam.

We would like to thank all of our PMP members for your patience and understanding. We hope this issue will be resolved soon.