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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Build Your Bonus & Donate for FREE

Build Your Bonus & Donate for FREE

by Chris | Charity, News

Ads for good - watch an ad to donate

Head to the Bonus Draw page and keep an eye out for an image like the one above in the “How to build your bonus” section. “Watch now” to launch a 15 second video and you’ll be given a choice of 3 charities for the advertiser to donate 6p too. You’ll also get 6p added to your Bonus!

We’re partnering with an innovative new advertising company called Good-Loop. Good-Loop spotted that ads on the web are largely seen as irritants and are too often ignored by visitors. By giving the option to engage with a short video ad, and donate a percentage of the ad revenue to a charity makes the charity and the website money, the advertiser your quality attention, and you… the pleasure of giving (someone else’s money). Win win win win!

We think it’s smart, and have added the first of what we hope is many video ads for you to get watching, and donating afterwards.

And thanks to the 3,671 of you who have already found it for themselves, and generated over £220. More on the way soon!

Hope you like it, and as always, feedback welcome and appreciated.