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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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PMP Your Xmas Cards!

by Chris | Community, Freebies, Local

You know what they say… Christmas is all about saving money, getting on well with your neighbours, and helping to promote your favourite free daily lottery. To help you get into the festive cheer we’ve brought back our exclusive PMP personalised Christmas card packs, for you to download, print, and pop through your local letterboxes. … Read more

Win for Windmill Hill

by Chris | Charity, Community, Community Champions, Double & Donate, News

We’ve just made a donation of £895.32 to the Windmill Hill Community Centre in Bristol. Why? My uncle, who has been supporting the charity for decades, and PMP for nearly a decade, won the £400 Survey Draw prize on Tuesday and very generously opted to Double & Donate his winnings which included a Bonus of £47.66 … Read more

How to create a shortcut to PMP on your phone

by grace | Community, News, Tips

The more times you visit the site, the more eyeballs we get on the site which means more money from advertisers and more money we can give away in prizes to you! We’re so grateful to all of our loyal users and we’d hate for your postcode to come up and for you to miss it. We don’t have an app (just yet) but there is something you can do to make checking PMP super easy, super fast and to make sure you don’t miss out on any wins! … Read more

FPL's Christmas Saint

by Laura | Community

Every once in a while an FPLer does something that reminds us that people can be quite decent. When Richard noticed he had been paid both his, and his neighbours share of last Saturday’s £1000 win, he got in touch to pay it back! … Read more

Is your road rude?

by Laura | Community

The residents of Butt Hole Road in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire got so fed up of people making gags about their street name and having photos taken with their bare backsides out next to it that they decided to club together to pay £300 for it to be changed to Archers Way, referring to the medieval … Read more