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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Reviews

Category: Reviews

What is Bitcoin?

by Beth Farrell | Earn money online, mobile, News, Reviews

When scrolling through social media, you’ve probably noticed a lot of content surrounding Bitcoin, NFTs, Dogecoin and all kinds of other cryptocurrencies and money-making schemes, but what are they? In this post we will focus on Bitcoin and explore what it is, why people are investing and how it started.   To begin, let’s talk … Read more

Free childrens' book starring... Your child!

by Chris | Deals, Discounts, Freebies, Giveaways, Reviews

These days, I spend a lot of time with 2 year olds and 4 year olds – mostly mine. Last week I was sent a free personalised educational book for both of them from Beans & Sparks Club along with an offer. They’ll give you the first book for free, apart from the £1.99 delivery charge, so PMPers can try them for next to nothing! … Read more

Surprise Supplies from Degusta Box

by Ben | Reviews

Hi everyone, my name’s Ben, I’m new here at PMP and excited to post my first review! If you’re anything like me, you’ll buy the same old groceries every week, straying only to the occasional BOGOF offer. is yet another subscription box, but with a mission to mix it up with novel culinary delights. … Read more

Make money from your home

by Chris | Earn money online, Reviews, Tips, Websites

Airbnb is great for affordable travel, but do you know how much money you can make from your own home? You may wonder why, but every postcode is a potential holiday, family visit, or business trip. PMPers are making up to £2,000 as Airbnb hosts, and they say there’s much more to enjoy than to fear. Here’s why you should become an Airbnb host … Read more

Meet the Dream Maker

by Chris | Reviews, Tips, Websites

FPLers, meet Ben. Ben is obsessed with ticking off his “bucket list” and inspiring others to do the things they’ve always wanted to do. He’s created a promising site and inspired me to write about it. He’s also giving away a free trip to see the Northern Lights in Iceland. … Read more

We're barking mad about Tails

by Chris | Reviews

For the past week Henry’s tail hasn’t stopped wagging, and it’s all down to his new diet from Tails.com. I’ve recently started working for FPL, and as soon as I saw the free offer that Tails were promoting I signed straight up. And I’m not sure who’s more glad I did, me or my dog Henry! … Read more

Half term at half the price!

by grace | Reviews

Where’s this year going?! October half term is already next week! Have you got the week off work but don’t know what to do with the kids? Or limited as to what to do because Christmas is fast approaching and you’re saving up? … Read more