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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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Category: Statistics

Do you believe in ghosts? - well apparently most of the UK does not! 

by May | Events, Family, Statistics, Trending

For Halloween, we thought it would be fun if we asked some Halloween-based questions to get you all in a spooky mood! According to a nationally representative survey taken by Find Out Now with a sample size of 1,111 people, 49% of the UK does not believe in ghosts, in comparison to the 44% who … Read more

PMP Ya Later 2021!

by Chris | News, Statistics

Another (🤔) interesting year is over. 2021 was, of course, dominated by the pandemic and has ended in a cliffhanger as our scientists (🙏) work out quite what this new variant is up to. But, we’ve ended the year mostly vaccinated, having started it only a couple of days after the first vaccine was approved. And… PMP members collectively claimed over £283k for free! … Read more

All we want for Christmas is normality

by Chris | Statistics

It’s a handful of sleeps until Christmas, so finally permissible to talk about Christmas in the virtual PMP office. In fact, we’re having a virtual staff party this evening including a “Quizmas” lovingly compiled by the office Kat. My grinchiness stems from working in retail as a student over Christmas holidays, but even that sounds kind if nice right now. It’s the most exceptional time of year, but we’re all craving normality. So, we thought it would be nice to ask what’s normal for you on our Survey Draw … Read more

Poll My Postcode

by Chris | Statistics

Since there hasn’t been an election or referendum for nearly 9 months, we thought we’d share some of the more interesting results from our Survey Draw. A few if you have been asking whether you can see some of the results. Well, you’re in luck! … Read more

Are we drinking through the crisis?

by Chris | Statistics

A week or so into lockdown, flicking through Twitter with one hand and supping a cold beer with the other, I was stunned to see this: I know everything’s a bit strange and everyone’s doing whatever they can to cope, but please, please go easy on the drink. I know some people won’t like me … Read more

More colourful maps!

by Chris | Member submission, Statistics

A few weeks ago PMP super-boffin-and-comment-addict Dave Moore produced a map of the UK plotting wins on PMP since we launched in 2011. It showed that if you feel aggrieved about not winning, you’re probably a sheep. Now, he’s created these two lovely maps to demonstrate the correlation between registered postcodes and wins, hopefully putting the conspiracy theories to bed for good. Let’s see…. … Read more

Why doesn't my area ever win?!

by Chris | Member submission, Statistics

Since we launched in 2011 we’ve been on the receiving end of a highly dispersed mob of self-diagnosed victims of geographical bias. ‘Why are the winners all from down south?’, ‘Why are they all up north?’, ‘What has Stevenage ever done to you?!’ Our stock responses explain that we have no reason to favour one area over another and, if we did, we’re not clever enough to do it. … Read more