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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Tips

Category: Tips

Put our offers in your inbox for later

by Chris | News, Tips

Ever spotted something on PMP that you like the look of, but not wanted to interrupt your journey through the draws as you wait for the kettle to boil? We’ve added a handy “Email me this offer” button under our offers and surveys so that you can get the details sent to your inbox for a more appropriate time. … Read more

Exclusive: Get £100 reward from Airbnb

by Chris | Money Saving, Tips, Websites

Back in April we heard from PMP’s Airbnb hosts and discovered that anyone with extra space can make some substantial regular income from it. As long as your extra space is clean, and you’re honest about what to expect, you can start earning right now. Some hosts even rent out a spare bed in the same room as theirs. Having just come back from Glasto, that doesn’t seem so bad… … Read more

Save money. Save the planet?

by Kat | Tips

Design chief and self-proclaimed eco-warrior Kat here. OK, I’m not quite an eco-warrior, and dreadlocks wouldn’t be a good look for me, but I do like to try and do my bit. In my quest I’ve stumbled across some refreshingly innovative products and services that I think would soften the hardest deniers. … Read more

Make money from your home

by Chris | Earn money online, Reviews, Tips, Websites

Airbnb is great for affordable travel, but do you know how much money you can make from your own home? You may wonder why, but every postcode is a potential holiday, family visit, or business trip. PMPers are making up to £2,000 as Airbnb hosts, and they say there’s much more to enjoy than to fear. Here’s why you should become an Airbnb host … Read more

A few words from our Ashley

by Chris | Tips

Hi everyone! Chris has tasked me with writing a blog and considering the world seems to be falling apart at the seams and nothing makes sense anymore, I thought I’d set some rules for PMP-ers to try to instil some order in our daily lives… … Read more