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Blog Shopping Dog treats delivered, not fetched!

Dog treats delivered, not fetched!

by grace | Deals, Discounts, Offers, Shopping

I don’t know about you but I’m mad about dogs! I always have been and always will be. You’ll often find me perusing social media for cute dog videos, or cat videos – pet videos really.

One of the best things about my job is working with all the brands that we advertise on the site. One that I recently discovered was Wufwuf after they sent us an email and my dog her first box of goodies! Delivered straight to our door, I only had to open the box half an inch before Emmie’s tail instantly started wagging – she could smell the treats and knew that box had her name on it!

So, what is a WufWuf box?

The contents of Emmy's first WufWuf boxA WufWuf box is a monthly ‘joy’ box for your dog. With a new theme every month, each box contains a mix of treats, toys and accessories that make your pooch feel special (and keep them entertained!). Run by dog-lovers and owners, every WufWuf product is tested across a range of breeds, so even the big-jawed chompers get a challenge. Delivered straight to your door once a month, it’s a simple way to show your pet some love.

What’s in the box?

Emmy investigating her first WufWuf boxEssentially, lots of tail-wagging goodies!  Each box has a range of plush toys, tough toys, delicious treats, and each month comes with a surprise gift (from collar accessories to fancy dental sticks). The treats are healthy and organic, so your pet can digest them easily. But one of the best things about these boxes is the variety you get. It changes month-to-month based on the theme and as you can see, we got a welcome box as it was our first order, much to Emmie’s delight.

What did Emmie get?

Our box included portable travel bowls (perfect to take in the car and for weekends away), waterless shampoo (great for cold weather and to avoid the smell of wet dog!), 3 100% natural British treats (including venison sticks, duck breast treats and chicken twists), 2 toys (one soft, one hard) and a safety light. All of which have kept Emmie very entertained!

Emmy with a toy from her first WufWuf boxI’ll be honest, normally I’m a bit sceptical about spending too much on my pets. Not out of a lack of love, but often because toys get destroyed and many treats out there feel expensive for what is often inhaled by my dear Emmie. We love her, but the girl can eat quickly. However, the WufWuf joy box is different. It’s not only affordable (over £40 worth of items for under £20), it’s got challenging chewables and delicious treats that even Emmie can appreciate.

The box usually costs £18.90 per month, but we’ve struck a deal with WufWuf to provide PMP members with 50% off – all you have to do is enter the code WUFPMP at the checkout to redeem your discount. Available for a limited time only, why not give it a go? You’ll save time, money and hassle and your pooch will look forward to its monthly box of joy! Plus, you’ll also get a £5 PMP bonus.