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Blog We did it AGAIN.. FPL is a Multi-Award Winning Website!

We did it AGAIN.. FPL is a Multi-Award Winning Website!

by Chris | News

Website of the Year Awards 2015. Best and Most Popular Communities Website

Huge thanks to all of you who took the time to vote and rated FPL at the Website of the Year Awards. I’m very proud to say that we’ve won both of the available awards in the Communities category: Best Website and Most Popular Website.

Last year we won Best Website in the same category so also scooping the popularity prize means a lot, especially after the hard work we’ve been putting in to improve the site. I’m also chuffed that they recognise that FPL belongs in the Communities, not Gambling category, unlike so many other organisations that I’m currently battling against. It’s a cliche and painfully cheesey to type but it really is about the community, from the poetry and philosophy postings to our beloved Alan Porter (still “no luck” Alan?). Without you there’s no ad revenue, no prizes… and no website! And in years to come when websites become a thing of the past, the community will persist through whatever medium we conjure between now and then. Speech over. Check out these cool images that Website of the Year provided:

Our Score Card

Website of the Year Score Card

A word cloud composed of your feedback

Feedback Word Cloud