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Blog Events Happy Father's Day: Your Favourite Memories

Happy Father’s Day: Your Favourite Memories

by Chris | Events, Family

Father’s Day, it’s the time to honour fatherhood and all paternal bonds. The time to thank your Dad,  treat him to a pint or two and spend time together.

We all have our favourite memories with our Dad’s, whether it’s that holiday you took together, or the time he pranked you growing up.

Here at Pick My Postcode, we decided to ask you guys what your favourite memories or moments with your dad were, via our other website, Find Out Now, and here’s what we found:

Your favourite Father’s Day memories

  • Breakfast in bed

A classic. Similar to that of a movie scene, waking your dad up in bed with a full English breakfast (or some-kind of inedible concoction made by your much younger self) was always a delight. For those that did make unusual recipes as a child, watching your dad pretend to eat it was always a magical moment.

  • Spending time together

As we get older, we learn that time spent with our loved ones is something that cannot be taken for granted. Sometimes it’s not about doing something ‘exciting’ or even planned, sometimes just sitting on the couch with your Dad and watching TV is all you need. Time spent together is time bonding, which when it comes to Dads, is always a precious thing.

  • BBQ

Dads love barbecues don’t they. Whenever the sun comes out, even just a little bit, out comes the ‘barby’ and the sausages. From personal experience, my Dad has even got the barbecue out in the rain, using the patio umbrella to protect his grilled burgers. Where theres a will, theres a way…

  • First Fathers Day

From the point of view from a father, having your first ever Father’s Day with your new-born is a remarkable feeling. Sure, your baby might not be able to go out and get you a present or write you a card just yet, but they exist and that’s all that matters to you.

  • Going on trips together

Travelling with your father is always a story in itself. The perfect opportunity for him to sport his favourite sunglasses, steal your sweets in the car, and experience new sights together.

Let us know in the comments what your favourite Father’s Day moments and memories are!

Featured image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash