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Blog Events How to keep cool during the heatwave

How to keep cool during the heatwave

by Chris | Events, Family, Learning, News

Can’t escape the heat? Is your house becoming a sauna? Getting grouchy with the humidity?

We’re all in the same boat right now, the UK was never built for these desert temperatures. Us Brits like a gentle bit of sun, just enough to sit in a beer garden with a nice cold pint, or two.

The UK is currently bracing itself for record-high temperatures and their first ever red weather warning for extreme temperatures, with some areas expected to hit over 40 degrees on Tuesday.

Many schools up and down the country have chosen to close on Monday and Tuesday this week, while others are remaining open but are likely to have an alternative uniform policy in place to prevent students from overheating.

What does the red weather warning actually mean?

With such high temperatures, “widespread impacts on people and infrastructure” are expected, with “substantial changes in working practices and daily routines” required.

How can you keep cool?

Keep your curtains and windows closed during the day

While your instincts may tell you to open the windows when it’s hot, this is one of the worst things you can actually do. You need your house to remain cool and shaded. To do this, you must keep the hot air outside, and block the sun rays with your curtains or blinds.
In the evenings, temperatures are likely to drop significantly and you may want to consider opening your windows then, providing the air outside feels cooler than the temperature in your home.

Turn off your electronics

Electronic devices, such as computers, televisions and even light bulbs, all radiate heat. For ultimate heat, make sure to keep your electronics switched off.
It is important to unplug your devices, rather than just switch them off, as standby mode will still radiate heat into your home.

Wear appropriate clothing

If you’re going outside, make sure to wear light, loose-fitting clothes, rather than the typical jeans and a jumper that us Brits are used to.
Make sure to take some sunglasses with you too, these are to protect your eyes, they’re not just a fashion statement.
Remember to also wear a hat and keep your sun cream topped up throughout the day to avoid any nasty burns.

Don’t drink alcohol.

With temperatures of around 40 degrees, it is vital you stay well hydrated to avoid getting sun stroke.
It is important to drink water or other soft drinks, rather than alcohol, as that will cause you to urinate and sweat more, leading to dehydration.

Get a cool shower.

A hot shower or bath will only add to the humidity in your home. Consider having a cold shower to both cool yourself and your house down.

Photo by Mel Elías, Unsplash.