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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community I Hate You PMP!

I Hate You PMP!

by May | Community, Reviews, Trust Pilot

There’s nothing we love more than hearing why our free lottery is a waste of time or a scam. So here are some of the best low-rated reviews that have been left on our Trustpilot!

I have only won once – ⭐

I joined several years ago and out of that time I have only won once, I think it was about £25. What has upset me is that I rarely see post codes that are even close to mine. –  Ian

Waste of Time – ⭐

I’ve been playing this for over 5 years and never won a penny. I also don’t know anyone who has ever won either. Waste of time. – Kiri

Fake Draws – ⭐

Fake draws: I have a screenshot of a draw with a fake London postcode as the main draw winner. Warrants a police investigation.- Customer

Absolute b@st@rd$ – ⭐

my post code came up but some one already claimed how is that fair. It’s shambles. What’s the point. – Natalie

Same postcode area for highest prizes???- ⭐⭐

I am not sure if they pick their friends’ postcode for the biggest prize. I have been keeping a record of the post code daily. Seems to be from the same area for highest prize win? Anyone please clarify as I emailed but did not get a response. Will keep the record for a year and then publish it. – Sara

You got More chance of platting snot – ⭐

You have got more chance of winning the lottery then this, seriously pointless even checking and the amounts are not even worth it – Ashley

Not Ideal – ⭐

I know it’s a lottery and luck of the draw, but the fact some people (including myself) have been a member for years and have never won anything, then you have some people winning twice, even three time. Its just ridiculous.
It needs to be more fair and take out the previous winners from the next draw I’d say at least up to a year.- Anya

Which of these reviews was your favourite? 🙂

Have a better day than these people and good luck in future draws.

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Note: Pick My Postcode, formerly Free Postcode Lottery, is and always will be free.