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Blog Money Saving Tips Wanted

Money Saving Tips Wanted

by Chris | Money Saving

What’s the next best thing to winning money? Saving money surely. What’s better than both? Winning sweets for telling us about saving money! If you’ve got a good tip then please let us know in the comments section below. We’ll post the best ones to our Facebook Fan Page. The tip that gets the most ‘Likes’ by the end of the month will win a jar of retro sweets (as pictured in the post below)!

I’m no Martin Lewis, but here goes: For months my kitchen sink would block until I went at it with the Mr. Muscle (over £4 a pop) only to find it blocked again by the following weekend. Having grasped the enormity of the problem, I dusted off my Reader’s Digest DIY Manual and discovered that the plainly obvious solution was to use a plunger. It cost me £2 and fixed the problem in minutes. And it’s never come back. Cheap, practical and (weirdly) fun!

mr muscle vs plunger

This all got me thinking about how many overly engineered solutions we’re sold for problems that had already been solved in the days before we started “innovating”. Do we really need 117 varieties of toothpaste (searched on tesco.com)? Why are there now 7 signs of ageing? Did they recently discover a new one? How did Gillette learn to harness the power of nuclear fusion, and how does that help remove hair from my face? Why are male grooming products shaped like rockets? Why are female grooming products shaped like (erm…) rockets? You get the picture.

Oh the photo? That’s Piebury Corner in Holloway, London. Yummy pies and a refreshing sense of humour!