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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Tips Pick My Postcode Glossary

Pick My Postcode Glossary

by May | FAQ, Forum, Learning, Tips

Hi Everyone!

As admins we see a lot of questions being asked, and while we are obviously happy to answer all questions, I thought we should have a blog post that we can refer back to, as well as the usual FAQs.

A quick glossary for all the major aspects about the site that we are often asked about, all in one handy place!

Pick My Postcode Prize Draws:

Bonus Draws – When your bonus reaches £5, £10 and £20, you’ll be entered into our three additional Bonus Draws!

Claim – When your postcode is randomly selected as a winner of a draw you have to hit the Claim button because winning is not an automatic process. Please keep your account active to be able to claim if your postcode does come up!

Claim Period – Each draw has a claim period and a potential win cannot be claimed after this period has ended. You have until the next draw takes place to claim.

First-Come-First-Served – Two of our draws are first-come-first-served wins. Make sure you check the Stackpot at 9am and 9pm and the Mini Draw at 6pm to be the first to claim if your postcode comes up!

Flash Draw – An elusive prize draw that only appears if you are super lucky, or if you leave out cookies and milk like it’s Santa. It appears in an advert space so keep an eye out. 

Main Draw – The main reason for being a member! You have the chance to win £200 (or more if it rolls over) and you’ll get 1p added to your bonus every day you check this draw!

Mini Draw – A sneaky draw at the bottom of any page but only visible between 6pm and 2am. To keep things interesting!

Stackpot – A first-come-first served prize draw where you could win £10.

Survey Draw – Answer a couple of quick questions to reveal the winning postcode of this draw! Plus you’ll get 1p added to your bonus for doing so!

Video Draw – If you watch a video a day, you can see the winning postcode of this draw! Plus you get 1p added to your bonus! We feature lesser known artists on our video draw for free. All we need is written permission from the owner of a video, an MP4 version, a bio/description about the artist/group etc and social media links. If you know of any artists that deserve to be featured, let them know about us and get them to email admin@pickmypostcode.com.

Navigating Pick My Postcode:

Adverts – They are all around PMP and they pay for our prize draws.

BlogCheck out the Pick My Postcode Blog for winners stories, news and quizzes. We post regularly, they are featured just under the Main Draw for a few days after posting and can also be found on our blog page linked at the bottom of every page.

Bonus Leaderboard – Linked at the bottom of every page. Do you check the site every day? If so you probably have a big bonus. Add yourself to the Bonus Leaderboard to see where you stand. 

Comments – Each of the five draw pages/tabs has their own comments section. Just scroll down to find them! (However, if you could please  read Pick My Postcode’s Forum Guidelines before posting any comments. Thank you! 😊

EntriesYou can check how many entries are in each a postcode, which is linked at the bottom of every page.

FAQsCheck out our FAQ’s if you have any questions because it holds all the answers (but is rarely looked at) despite being linked at the bottom of every page.

Google Ads – Most of the adverts on our site are Google ones and if you don’t want to see an advert it should have an x in the corner for you to close it.

Loyalty Dial – A bit of fun on your Account Page! Your Loyalty Score is calculated over 30 days. You’ll start with 100% and each day you don’t log in your score will decrease. Don’t worry, it has no impact on our draws. Only active accounts are entered into our draws, so make sure you log in regularly.

Past WinnersYou can look up past winning postcodes (or partial postcodes) to see if anyone in your area has won in the past. Linked at the bottom of every page.

RulesCheck out Pick My Postcode rules as they are there to make the draws fair! Linked at the bottom of every page.

Surveys (external) – Questionnaires that you fill out for third party companies. Occasionally temperamental but can add varied amounts to your bonus. If you ever don’t receive a bonus contact admin@pickmypostcode.com and we will endeavour to help. Members are under no obligation to complete any external surveys as they have no impact on our draws. You can find these on the Survey Draw.

Surveys (PMP) – The only surveys created by us at Pick Media Ltd (through our site Find Out Now) are the ones inside the blue box on the Survey Draw page. The ones which you answer to reveal the winning postcode of that draw. Anything outside of this box is an external survey.

Terms & Conditions, Ad preferences and Privacy and Cookie Policy – the boring stuff at the bottom of each page that you can read if you wish.

Winners MapYou can check winners in your area.

Your Pick My Postcode Account:

Active – Only active accounts are entered into our draws, so make sure you log in regularly.

Bonus – An additional pot of money on your account that cannot be withdrawn. It gets added to your winnings if you are lucky enough to win, and it never resets back to zero.

Dormant – If your account becomes dormant or inactive, your entry will be removed from the draws. If there are active members with the same postcode as a dormant account and the postcode comes up as a winner, the dormant account will not be able to claim the win. Dormant accounts can be reactivated simply by logging in or clicking on a reminder email.

Email – What you use to sign into your account. Ideally, it would be the same one as your PayPal Email. It can be changed or updated in the My Account section.

Nickname – The name that will appear next to you when you comment on site. It can be changed or updated in the My Account section.

Postcode – It’s what you use to sign in and also be entered into the draws. It can be changed or updated in the My Account section.

Withdraw – We constantly get asked if members can withdraw their bonus, but we are sorry to say that we are not a cashback site. We are a free prize draw giveaway and the bonus is named as such because it is an added bonus to winning.

Pick My Postcode Keywords:

Free – Something that costs nothing. We are free thanks to the adverts!

Lottery – Giving prizes to the postcode drawn at random

PayPal – The service that allows us to send you your winnings without you having to give us any of your bank details.

Registered Data Controllers – We take our responsibilities as a data controller very seriously. We don’t share your data with or sell it to anyone without your informed consent. You can read about the specifics in the Pick My Postcode privacy policy.

Scam – Not us!

Spam – We don’t ever spam email. You’re in complete control of what notifications you receive from us. You can change or update the notification emails you receive in the My Account section.

Shared – Many of our draws can be shared between active accounts, depending on how many people claim a win. But having multiple entries from the same postcode means there as many more chances of being drawn. So sharing is good.


Double and Donate – If members choose to donate their winnings to a registered charity, we double it so that the donation comes from both the member and Pick Media Ltd!

E-Vouchers – We use this as a last resort to receiving your winnings if you don’t have/want Paypal. Can also be called eGift Cards. We try to avoid this as it restricts your ability to choose where you spend your winnings. 

Find Out NowFind Out Now is our polling website through which we make our surveys for the Survey Draw page. Companies can pay us to do polls, surveys and undertake research for them. This helps build our revenue for the prize draws.

GiftPay – The company we use to purchase the eVouchers /eGift Cards. How they work is they email you with a voucher for the winning amount, you follow the link in the email and choose where you want to spend your winnings from their selection of retailers.

Offers – Some of the companies that we are affiliated with have offers which our members can choose to complete, or not. You will be able to tell which offers have been vetted by us and added to our site by us because it will have one of our buttons on it saying things like “Shop Now”, “Claim Now”, “Get Now” etc. Members are under no obligation to complete any external offers as they have no impact on our draws. Some offers include an additional PMP bonus, but not all of them.

Referral bonus – A way to add to your bonus by giving your unique code to friends, family and neighbours who are not members yet. You can receive up to 20p per person for this. 

Reminders Emails – We send out daily reminders via email to help our members and prompt them to check the draws to see if they are a winner.

Screen Out – The external surveys will screen you out if you do not meet their demographic requirements. This could be anything, a certain age range, a location, employment status … all sorts. You will get 5p added to your bonus when you are screened out. Sometimes you will be screened out before you answer any questions because their systems remember your answers to their previous surveys. (If ever you don’t get a 5p, please email us at admin@pickmypostcode.com)

If you think we’ve left anything off the list, either comment below or send us an email to admin@pickmypostcode.com and we can update the glossary. As always keep asking us questions! We are always happy to help, but as we only work 9-5 Monday to Friday, if you are having an issue at a weekend this might be the perfect place to help answer your query until the next working week.

Good luck in future draws!