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Blog Community Champions PM-Pat on the back for Mim

PM-Pat on the back for Mim

by Chris | Community Champions, Good Deeds, Stories

Rob: “I really like the PM-Pat on the back idea for highlighting those that deserve some recognition for helping others. Therefore, I want to give a huge PM-Pat on the back to my gorgeous fiancé Mim, if I may.” PMP: “You may!”

Mim is a specialist community public health nurse (school health) based in Liverpool, Merseyside. She works with the children of Liverpool in some of the most socially deprived boroughs in the country, safeguarding children, delivering medical care and ensuring they have fair access to the healthcare and education they deserve.

As if working full-time as a nurse was not enough, Mim has started a social enterprise business that adapts backpacks and bags for children and adults that tube feed.

The idea came about as Mim’s friend’s son was diagnosed with a condition in 2017 that meant his swallow reflex was poor and he needed to be fed through a tube. The tube-feeding bag he was provided with was to “ease his discharge home”, but it was too heavy and bulky for him – so he was confined to a buggy. Mim felt this wasn’t right and so created a specially adapted bag for him, giving him freedom and improving his health. And so, Mim’s social enterprise was born!

Mim is making lives easier for children and adults that tube-feed. She is providing inclusive fashion, increasing self-esteem and giving a choice back to those that have lost it.

It has been amazing to see the positive impact that Mim and her adapted feeding tube bags have had on people’s lives. The reviews she is receiving on improving the quality of life of her customers have been inspiring, especially hearing how previously restricted children are now active and free again.

I’m very proud of Mim. She works hard through the week for the NHS and into the night and weekends as a social entrepreneur in the tube-feeding community. I’d like to give her as much recognition as I can, and propose she be a strong contender for one of the first PM-Pats on the back.