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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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PMP Joins Reddit and Threads

by May | Apps, Community, Local, mobile, News, Social Media

Follow us on two new platforms: Reddit and Threads!

If you like keeping up to date with all PMP news and information then we have two new platforms that you can do that on. Threads and Reddit.

If you love the comment section on PMP, then you will most likely adore our Sub Reddit – r/pickmypostcode. It’s a great place to chat, discuss, share your referral code to help build your bonus and gives you yet another place to share your amazing jokes!

If you prefer Facebook or Instagram then Threads is probably for you, and it’s already linked to your Instagram account so you don’t even have to set anything up if you already have one!

Either way, we love hearing from you all and both these platforms are great ways for us to hear what you have to say. If you’d like to follow us on them, our accounts are linked below.


Have a great day and good luck in future draws

We’ve had a few people ask about how to navigate Reddit, so I thought I’d add some more detailed instructions.

1. Click the link to our SubReddit (which is the name for each community page on Reddit)
2. Press the red join button which should be next to our name
3. It then asks you to sign up/log in – so you can either log in if you have a reddit already or make your own account.
4. It will ask for some of your interests, which you can fill out or you can click the X in the top corner.
5. Reclick the red join button if it doesn’t already say Joined.
6. Now you can scroll and see what other people have posted and reply to them, or you can use the create post button at the top to write your own post. These can include photos too! Also Reddit is a great place for your more edgy jokes that might go against our comment section guidelines 🙂

I hope this helps 🙂