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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Christmas Quiz 4 - Christmas Anagrams

Quiz 4 – Christmas Anagrams

by May | Christmas, Entertainment, Quiz


Merry Christmas Eve’s Eve everyone! We have one last Christmas-themed quiz for you all. This time it’s Christmas Anagrams. The number of words is in the brackets next to the anagram. Same as before, the answers will be released on Monday so you have the weekend to answer.
Good Luck and remember it’s just for fun!

1. Silent (1)

2. Slange (1)

3. Coordinates (1)

4. Napkins giblets (3)

5. Ask Own Elf (1)

6. A Decking Ogles Snow (3)

7. Anagram Ya Wine (4)

8. Let sight Inn (2)

9. Mo Nap times (1)

10. Lava Dance Trend (2)

11. His Leg (1)

12. sorbets surplus (2)

13. faultier snowfield (4)

14. halts heckled (3)

15. Elon (1)

16. Peppa Prawn Rig (2)

17. hamsters vice (2)

18. Ivy Titan (1)

19. Logic Ran (1)

20. Foamy Thrown Nests (3)

Thanks for playing and good luck in future draws 🙂