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Record Win for KA18’s Casey

by Chris | News, Winner feedback

Casey Mitchell signed up to PMP when he read about it on MoneySavingExpert.com in 2015. Since then he’s built an impressive Bonus of £26.39 from over a thousand visits. With little more than two hours to spare he claimed yesterday’s quadruple rollover, amounting to £2,526.39 including his Bonus. Our biggest win ever!

When the rollovers stack up we start paying close attention to who might claim. Often newer members with lower bonuses strike it lucky, which causes a pang of angst as we will the money towards our more seasoned veterans who have “done more time” (nothing against the newbs of course). So it was particularly nerve wracking when we watched the clock this morning hoping that Casey had not given up just before his time had come. I couldn’t help being tempted to send him a “We’ve not seen you in a while” email to prompt him to check, but that would set a silly precedent, and besides, a neighbour of his had done it for us.

Casey lives in Muirkirk, Scotland and works at Prestwick Airport. He admits that he had not checked the site for a couple of days, blaming an unusually frantic week of shift work. At 10pm last night, his neighbour Emma knocked on his door to tell him that someone on the street had won, according to her daughter who had just phoned. We don’t know why Casey then chose to sleep on the news, waiting until 9.21am to make the claim…

When asked how he’d spend the money, he told us he already had! He immediately booked a family holiday to Lanzarote and paid for the year’s car insurance, before giving a small cash gift to his neighbour as a thank you.

Has he ever won anything else like this? Apparently, jut the “odd premium bond” and a “couple of tenners” on another postcode thing. He says:

“I really appreciate what you do. I think it’s the right way for a lot of things should be done. I believe gambling is a hell of a bad thing and what you do is fantastic.”

He, and we, also thank MoneySavingExpert.com for sending him to us in the first place. He reads the newsletter every week and even bought the afore mentioned car insurance through through them.

Thanks for all the feedback Casey. Hopefully it won’t be too long before your record is broken.

Chris & Team PMP