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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community Retiree wins £2,200 for free on the Stackpot draw

Retiree wins £2,200 for free on the Stackpot draw

by May | Community, Local, News, Reviews, Winner feedback

Judith Walker, 67 year-old retiree from Walsall won £2,233.50 on Pick My Postcode.

When she saw her postcode on the stackpot draw last week, she said: “Cannot believe this is happening, I have checked my PMP account for quite a few years now and accumulated a fantastic bonus amount through the surveys. Always loved to see the winners and never expected it to happen to me. Thanks so much to Chris and the team, I’m still in shock as I write this. So easy to do and enjoyable too.”

When asked how she built up her winnings, Judith said: “keep doing the surveys like me to build up your bonus. £2,233.50, plus £10 stackpot winnings is a fabulous prize and will come in very handy, not sure what for yet but everyone will get a treat.”

Her advice to members would be: “Keep checking every day, twice a day and one day it could be you.”

Since 2017, we’ve given away £8,881.11 in Walsall. Congratulations again Judith on your incredible win and any of the other people who live in the West Midlands.

Good luck in future draws 🙂


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Note: Pick My Postcode, formerly Free Postcode Lottery, is and always will be free.