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Blog Money Saving Save thousands on your mortgage

Save thousands on your mortgage

by Chris | Money Saving, Tips

1 in 6* UK homeowners are having to take a mortgage holiday because of Covid-19. On top of that, 34%* of mortgage holders are overpaying £5.3 billion* in excess interest collectively. Here’s how Dashly could help.

What is Dashly
Dashly is a 24/7 mortgage evaluation tool, built to save homeowners £1,000s* and make sure they never overpay on their excess mortgage interest again.

And, of course, it’s 100% free.

With market conditions changing constantly, and products being added and removed every day, the price of your mortgage is changing all the time. It’s impossible to check all of this yourself, so you often miss out on a deal that could save you thousands*. That’s where Dashly comes in.

Dashly evaluates your mortgage constantly against current market circumstances and an average of 10,000 products daily to find you the best deal, even in the middle of a fixed rate period. They claim to save an average of you an £2,620* a year, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

You’re never under obligation to do anything, and they can’t find you a worse deal. Once they switch you to a better deal, they start searching all over again. It’s a non-stop effort to save you money on the biggest expense of your life.

* Your individual savings may vary and will depend on personal circumstances. £2,620 per year is the average amount based on research Dashly has conducted on the mortgage market. Find out more at www.dashly.com/reference-index