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Save thousands on your mortgage

by Chris | Money Saving, Tips

chrisThe FCA says that UK homeowners are collectively overpaying on their mortgages by billions per year, and one in three homeowners are on the wrong mortgage deal. We usually steer clear of finance stuff, but we think we’ve found a genuine game changer. Dashly is like our beloved Look After My Bills, but for mortgages.

What is Dashly
Dashly sucks in tons of data about the whole market, and digests it using machine learning to look for a better deal for you every day. It monitors things like your property’s value, outstanding mortgage balance, equity, etc. and the total cost of switching before it alerts you to a potential better deal. When it discovers a way to save you more you are offered a free call to discuss the suggestion with one of their qualified mortgage advisers. If you decide to switch, the same mortgage adviser will manage your application for you from start to finish.

Importantly, there is never any obligation to do anything. Think of it as a personal assistant constantly looking for a better mortgage deal and emailing you when s/he’s found one. Worried about early redemption charges? Don’t be. It factors those in, and somewhat surprisingly, shows that it is often worth incurring them once everything is taken into account.

If you’re lucky enough to own more than one property, Dashly can monitor multiple residential and buy-to-let mortgage products.

How do I set up a Dashly account?
You can set up a Dashly account in minutes, by answering a few basic questions about your mortgage. Or, you can do it the automatic way, which grabs a credit report and uses that to set you up. It’s free and secure. Either way, once you are set up, you can relax knowing that was the hard part, and you only have to do it once. We’ll even give you £4 Bonus when you sign up. Please forward your welcome emails to admin@pickmypostcode.com and give us a few days 🙂

Is Dashly safe, secure and regulated?
Dashly is fully regulated by the FCA, who actually helped them develop it. It’s all built on bank grade technology and their advisors are all qualified, experienced professionals. Dashly is also a founder member of the charity Finance For Good a group of like-minded firms looking to empower consumers with the right information to make better financial decisions.

Does Dashly spam me?
No! Every month they’ll will send you a summary of how many mortgage deals they’ve checked, along with the calculations it’s made, to ensure you are still on the right deal. It also tells you the value of your property, mortgage balance and estimated equity. You can unsubscribe from this, or even close your Dashly account down at any time. They also tell us they will never sell your data, and only uses it for the purposes of finding you a better mortgage.

Right… So how do they make money?
Dashly earns money from the commission mortgage lenders pay to their advisors, which means they can keep it free to you forever!

Are PMP getting paid for this?
Yep, they’re going to give us £4 for each of you who sign up. Everyone wins, including my children, who will be fed this Christmas.

Can I trust their advisors?
Yes, all of their advisers are fully qualified (minimum of CeMAP), highly experienced and respected in their own right. The firm is also fully authorised and regulated by the FCA.