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Blog News Support the #Chooseloose campaign

Support the #Chooseloose campaign

by May | Community, News

Did you know that potatoes, apples, bananas, carrots and onions are the top five most wasted fruit & veg products in UK households?

#ChooseLoose needs your help. Our friends at Everyday Plastic have teamed up with City to Sea, to launch a petition calling for all UK supermarkets to remove plastic packaging from five top-selling fruit & veg products so shoppers can #ChooseLoose.

From figures obtained from WRAP, it is estimated that selling these five items loose could:

  • Prevent an estimated 1.7 billion pieces of plastic packaging from being thrown away.
  • Avoid more than 77,000 tonnes of food waste by allowing people to buy what they need.
  • Save shoppers a combined total of over £85m per year in uneaten food.
Over 54,000 people have signed the petition since it’s launch 3 weeks ago. They would love to hit their goal of 100,000, with your help! They hope to use the petition as evidence indicating the demand for everyday people to #ChooseLoose.

Removing plastic packaging from these five fruit & veg products is not only a simple, effective and proven way to reduce the effects of the plastic problem, but it can also cut food waste and save money.

The potential impact is game-changing.
So if you want to #ChooseLoose sign the petition today.