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Blog Deals The Netflix for Magazines

The Netflix for Magazines

by Chris | Deals, Offers, Special offer

chrisBefore the internet, we had magazines. Remember? Well, they’re still here and, as well as being printed on paper (the stuff you find in toilets), they’re available digitally. Readly is like Netflix, but with more subtitles, and less video.

Readly is an app that gives you unlimited access to over 3,400+ magazines including Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, TIME Magazine and loads more. All for less than the price of a coffee (in London, with a croissant. It’s £7.99 a month)

What… not free?! Two things. Firstly, if you already have a magazine subscription, or currently buy each issue individually, Readly can save you a lot of money every month. Instead of having different magazine subscriptions, Readly collects all your favourite magazines in one place. You get the latest issues as soon as they are published and you can download any magazine from Readly’s huge library for offline reading so you’re never short of stuff to read. Just like Netflix, Readly gives you multiple logins so you can share your account with up to 5 lucky people.

Secondly, you get your first month for just 99p, less than the price of a coffee (at Greggs. No croissant) so there’s no risk in giving it a go. Plus, we’ll give you an £8 PMP Bonus!

Do I use Readly? No, I hate reading with my eyes. And when I have to, I’ll print it first rather than stare at a screen. But, I wouldn’t recommend being like me.