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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Trust Pilot Trust Pilot Reviews – April 2023

Trust Pilot Reviews – April 2023

by May | Community, News, Reviews, Trust Pilot

We know you all love reading the reviews from your fellow Pick My Postcode Members so here are some of our favourite trust pilot reviews from April.

I won PMP! Yay –

I’ve been checking PMP for about 5 years now saw it was free so thought what why not!! So I’ve been collecting like 4p a day I think checking every day to check the results and a surprise win happened for me for the first time, yay!! Thank you so much! I won £77.50! Yay thank you! I collected £67.50 in my bonus and won £10 in the stockpot draw! I collected my winnings and was emailed with details of my then was paid in a couple days. Brilliant thank you so much I never really win anything so I’m so chuffed!! Haha – Jay

I Won on PMP with an added monetary bonus – ⭐

I have been signed up to PMP for many many years checking the draws twice daily always hoping. Well yesterday I won the Main Draw of £400 and although another person is on my street they failed to claim so I got it all, plus my bonus of £122.43 amassed from my visits & doing voluntary surveys. It is FREE you only have to spend your time looking at the adverts that fund the website while you check the different draw results. – Stephen

Great News –

my postcode won in this super FREE to enter postcode lottery. Check this out every day and didn’t expect to win, but so brilliant. Easy to register your postcode and only takes a couple minutes to check it out every day. Everyone should have a punt on this – Suzy

The Right Postcode – ⭐

Have followed PMP for ages and checked the postcodes.. So close but never ours until the other day. Lo and behold ours came up and won £32.84 which is not bad for free. Money was in PayPal within couple of days. Overall PMP is a great way to win for little effort.. Go for it! – John

Fantastic! – ⭐

Last month I won a bonus draw + my large bonus on PickMyPostcode…nearly £450! 🙂 It was in my Paypal the very next day. I’ve been suffering from terrible lung problems for the last 3 years AND have just had a bad bout of Covid too, so persevering with this free to enter daily draw has been the perfect pick me up tonic! Thank you SO much lovely PMP staff… – Hev

Yay, won something, so excited! – ⭐

My association with Pick My Postcode goes back years & finally my vigilant twice daily checking has paid off! I join the lucky list of winners with a £10 win on the Bonus draw plus a healthy £101.83 as my personal bonus. All for free, that’s a definite WOW! I remember a line from a Steve Forbert song “You cannot win if you do not play”, so true – what’s stopping you? – Christine

I can’t believe I won! – ⭐

I check the emails regularly, on the off-chance that I might win, never really thinking it would happen. I was overjoyed to see I had won but still sceptical. Well, I couldn’t believe it when the winnings landed promptly in my PayPal account. Thank you so much PMP, you’ve made my Easter!!! – Keelin

Please keep sending in your amazing reviews! We love reading them and maybe your comment will be featured soon 🙂
Have a good day and good luck in future draws.

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