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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog News We're giving away £1 million!

We’re giving away £1 million!

by Chris | News

chrisOk, this includes all the money we’ve given away so far, and are giving away in the upcoming 57 days, I calculate. See present continuous tense. As I type, we’ve given away £943,543 since we launched in 2011, meaning that we’ll hit the one mil figure on, or around, Saturday the 20th of July. What shall we do to celebrate?

When I created PMP (then FPL, and just £10 per day) I mostly thought that it wouldn’t work. Whatever hope I had, I didn’t expect to have given away £1million to total strangers (lovely though you mostly are) in 2019, which seemed an impossibly distant year back then anyway.

So what are we going to do? Well, we’re certainly going to tell the press about it. “This guy gave away £1million”, or “£1million won on free lottery”. We’d love to do something else though, perhaps a competition, or a publicity drive that PMPers can help us with.

Or maybe we could work out what the money has been spent on and calculate the boost to individual sectors (wedding and tourism surely) or the nation’s economy as a whole.

We’ve got two months to think about it, but please do help us along with your kind suggestions in the comments section or social media.

Looking forward to it!

Chris & Team 🙂