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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

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Winning Post

by Chris | Community Champions, News, Winner feedback

Veteran FPL/PMP Superfan “Tango Doll” was lucky enough to win on the Stackpot a few weeks ago, which included her Bonus of £53.60. We were delighted to receive her note in the post, sent in an adorably recycled envelope.

Particularly delighted, as we usually receive nothing, apart from unwanted paper correspondence from our bank (shame on you HSBC), unwanted “letters” from charities we’ve donated to (despite ALWAYS asking them not to send us anything), and letters and bills from lawyers, although that has calmed down considerably since we changed our name.

We have grown a lot since Ms. Doll joined us back in 2011, but we’re still a bunch of people who enjoy the personal touch as much as anyone. As well as her regular correspondence, we also receive regular e-cards on our birthday’s from one of our regulars, and we even used to receive poetry… Although that has also quietened down since “Boss Bitch” disappeared. Where are you? We miss you. Perhaps she sided with the other lot…

Tango Doll is a volunteering machine, donating her time to the RSPB, Basic Skills learning, her local library, charity shops, and even us. She regularly designs her own PMP flyers and delivers them around her neighbourhood. Legend.

Lovely to hear from you, and to everyone else who gets in touch, we appreciate hearing from you, even if we’re often too busy to reply.

Chris x