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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Raising Money for Charity with Pick My Postcode

Most of our amazing winners like to treat themselves or a loved one with their winnings – and rightly so! However, some go one step further and decide that they want to donate their winnings to a beloved charity. So many of out lovely winners have donated, that we’ve sent over £17,841 to charity so far! Good on you, PMPers!

Double and Donate Your Winnings

If you’re into fundraising for charity, then winning with Pick My Postcode is one of the best ways to raise money for a charity close to your heart.
To help you do just that, we developed the very special ‘Double and Donate’ feature. This simply means that if you win a cash prize, you have the option to send it directly to your chosen charity – and if you do this, we’ll double the amount they get.

If you’re one of the lucky £500 jackpot winners, that means your chosen charity would receive an eye watering £1000 straight away if you chose to donate through PMP – it’ll be the easiest bit of fundraising you’ve ever done!

When you go to collect your winnings, you’ll be given the option to double and donate, or have the money paid into a PayPal account or put onto an Amazon gift card – the choice is yours!

Some of the Charities our Winners Have Helped

The best thing about Double and Donate is that it’s entirely your choice which charity gets the money. Some of the charities that have received money are:

• Crisis
• AgeUK
• Cats Protection
• Macmillian Cancer Support
• Barnardos

Why not sign up to Pick My Postcode today, to be in with the chance of winning some money for your favourite charity!