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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Cookies Policy

This is the Cookies Policy (“the Cookies Policy”) for Pick Media Ltd (“Pick” / “we”). Please read it carefully to ensure that you are willing to accept the cookies used by the Website and the third party services the Website uses.

By using this Website and agreeing to this Cookies Policy, you are consenting to Pick's use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this Cookies Policy, our Privacy Policy and the choices you make when using our Consent Tool.

You are also agreeing to the use of third party cookies for the purposes outlined in our Privacy Policy and in accordance with your choices when using our Consent Tool.

The definitions set out in the Terms of Website Use will apply (except where the context otherwise requires).

What cookies are

Cookies and similar technologies are small “packets” of data downloaded to your computer which communicate with websites in order to provide information to those who operate them. For example, they may help website operators improve your experience on their website or distinguish you from other users.

How We Use Them

When you log into the website via entering your password and/or postcode and email address, or via a link in an email, a cookie is set which stores an alphanumeric identifier that enables the browser to keep you logged in until you log out. There are two versions of this cookie to signify how you logged in, which determines what can be accessed through your account page.

We also store cookies to help manage your experience on the Website. This includes whether or not to load assets from our content delivery network, what landing page you signed up from, how long you have been a member and other A/B tests we conduct in order to improve the Website.

All the cookies set by Pick can be deleted by logging out or will expire no later than 13 months from the last time you accessed the Website.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

Cookies that are essential for us to operate the Website or comply with our legal obligations are referred to as “strictly necessary cookies”. These cookies will be set without your prior consent and can only be refused by adjusting the settings of your web browser (see “Refusing Cookies”).

A session-based cookie that helps us load balance the Website by determining whether or not you can connect to our content delivery network. It expires when you leave the Website.
A session-based cookie that is native to PHP and manages state across the different requests you make to the Website. It expires when you leave the Website.
This is a year-long cookie that stores whether or not you have seen or consented to the cookie banner on the logged out version of the Website's landing page.

Functional Cookies

By joining the Website you are consenting to the use of the following functional cookies that are required to make the Website operate as intended.

This is an authentication cookie that allows us to identify you as a user on our Website. It expires 6 months after your latest activity on the Website has ended.
This is an authentication cookies that allows you to access the secured sections on the account page of the Website. It expires 2 weeks after authentication.
This cookie allows us to customise the Website with some helpful hints when you initially register. It expires 10-days after you join.

Third Party Cookies

In order to show more relevant advertising on the Website, we ask users if they would like to opt-in to allow advertisers to process personal data, including cookies, for a better, more personalised, advertisement experience.

We also ask that users opt-in to cookies that allow analytics and monitoring that helps keep the Website running smoothly.

Both of these purposes require the use of third party cookies. Pick does not have access to any data contained within third Party cookies, nor can we manage these cookies directly. Instead you will be able to use our Consent Tool to set your preferences on what cookies can be set and how your personal data can be processed by third parties.

Managing Cookies through the Consent Tool

Third party cookies are managed by a Consent Tool approved by the Interactive Advertising Bureau as part of their Transparency & Consent Framework, which is currently at version 2.2.

The Consent Tool can be used to outline the personal data that each third party (referred to in the Consent Tool as “Vendors”) would like to process, as well as the purposes of the processing, and the lawful bases of the processing. The Consent Tool allows you to view each Vendor's privacy policy and provides the details of any processing that is being made under any legitimate interest claim.

We currently use LiveRamp Privacy Manager as our Consent Tool and its privacy policy can be viewed at: https://liveramp.uk/privacy/service-privacy-policy/.

The Consent Tool remembers the choices that you make and communicates your settings to each of the Vendors every time you visit a page on the Website. To do this it stores cookies that last a maximum of 13 months and can be deleted by clearing the cookies from your browser. Your settings can be reviewed and updated at anytime by visiting the privacy section on your account page, or wherever you see a link to Advertising Preferences.

The following cookies are set by the Consent Tool:

Cookie name for additional vendor consent. Expires after 395 days.
Cookie name for global consent string of the IAB Transparency Consent Framework. Expires after 395 days.
Cookie name for consent string of Google Additional Consent Mode. Expires after 395 days
An Audit ID that publishers and consumers can reference to retrieve historical consent. Expires after 395 days.
Configuration version number used by the CMP. Expires after 395 days.
Value to report on last active user session. Expires after 395 days.
True/false for user to be registered as 'daily active user' for reporting purposes. Expires after 24 hours.
True/false for logs to be sent to back-end for reporting purposes. Expires after 24 hours.
Geo location of the end-user during last active session for reporting purposes. Expires after 24 hours.

Refusing Cookies

Optional first party cookies can be refused by clicking "No, thanks" on the cookie banner on the logged out version of the Website's landing page. All first party cookies can be deleted by logging out of your account.

Optional third party cookies, such as those used for a more personalised advertising experience, or analytics, can be refused by choosing the "Deny All" option in the Consent Tool. You may have to clear cookies from your browser to delete these optional third party cookies.

Most browsers also allow you to manually refuse to accept cookies. Guidance on how to do this for most common browsers and operating systems can be found at: https://www.cookiesandyou.com/disable-cookies/.

Manually refusing all cookies may prevent you from accessing the Website correctly or remembering who you are. Refusing or blocking third party cookies should not interrupt your experience on the Website, if it does please contact us and we'll look into a fix.


Pick encourages you to periodically review this Cookies Policy and the Consent Tool to be informed of any changes to how we use cookies and what cookies are used by third parties. The Consent Tool will also appear automatically if any of the Vendor's change or you delete your current settings. To help you review this policy, its version and last updated date are stated below.

This Cookies Policy was last updated:
Thursday, 14th December, 2023

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