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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

PureSpectrum Surveys

PMP has partnered with the PureSpectrum Marketplace to open up more bonus boosting survey opportunities for our members.

How it works

  • Researchers create survey opportunities on the PureSpectrum marketplace
  • PureSpectrum share the requirements for the surveys with PMP
  • We anonymously match members to the opportunities on our server, without sharing your personal details with PureSpectrum
  • If members choose to participate in a survey, PureSpectrum will help the marketplace researchers collect your survey responses without sharing your email address or full postcode.

Legal stuff

  • I am over 18 and I agree to my data being processed for the PureSpectrum Marketplace in accordance with its Privacy Policy
  • I consent to my personal data being stored on secure servers in the United States of America
  • I will report any surveys missing a privacy policy to PMP
  • I will report any surveys requesting personal or sensitive data to PMP
  • I will contact PMP to enforce my data rights or opt-out of the marketplace
  • I have read through the help page for the PureSpectrum Marketplace and understand how it works

I would like to participate in the PureSpectrum Marketplace and agree to the above


Where are PureSpectrum based?

PureSpectrum is based in the United States of America but has offices in Europe and around the world. The research on the marketplace will be conducted worldwide.

What is shared with PureSpectrum?

PMP will share a randomly generated identifier with PureSpectrum. Pure Spectrum will use this alongside your device details to generate a Pure Spectrum ID (or PSID) . We will use both these identifiers to match you to marketplace surveys, award PMP Bonuses when surveys have been completed and can use it to help enforce your data rights.

PureSpectrum will collect the responses members submit to them to help match them to marketplace researchers. They will also collect internet protocol (IP) addresses, and use cookies or similar technologies to help prevent duplicate or fraudulent submissions.

What is shared with the marketplace researchers?

The researchers will receive your PSID and your responses to the survey and any other demographic information that you may have shared with PureSpectrum. This data enables the researchers to conduct their research including follow-up surveys (by re-targeting specific PSIDs).

What is shared with PMP?

PureSpectrum will inform us when you have completed a survey or have been screened out, using a randomly generated id associated with your account. This enables us to credit your account with PMP bonuses.

The responses you give to marketplace surveys are not automatically shared with your PMP account, but we may have access to your answers for the purposes of improving our integration with PureSpectrum, to resolve conflicting answers or to improve the way we match surveys to you. Your responses will not be used to personalise the adverts on the site.

What shouldn't I share?

The survey opportunities we select for our members should not contain any personally identifiable information. If you see a survey that requests your email address, telephone number, your full address, or anything else that you feel could identify you, please exit the survey and report it to us.

All the survey opportunities on PMP are completely optional, so please do not share anything that you're not comfortable sharing, especially if it's of a private or sensitive nature.

Who controls my data?

PureSpectrum is processing data on behalf of PMP, which makes PMP the data controller. We will be able to help you with your data rights such as accessing, updating, deleting your data on the marketplace, or opting out of the marketplace entirely.

For how to do this, please see our help section or contact us for details.

The marketplace researchers are separate date controllers to PMP and they should provide you with a link to their privacy policy before the asking you to participate. If the survey is missing a privacy policy, or you don't agree to its terms, please stop participating in the survey and report it to us.

Please note that data already shared with the researchers should not include any of your personal data. This may prevent the researchers from identifying you as an individual but also limits what data rights can be applied and you'll need to read the researcher's privacy policy for more details.