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Blog Cashback Site Comparison

Cashback Site Comparison

by Laura | Boom25, Cashback

Cashback sites are no brainers for all you savvy online shoppers out there! There are dozens of sites to choose from but we thought we’d compare two of our faves; Quidco and Boom25, so that you can decide which is best for you.

How much can you earn?

Quidco: You earn a percentage back from what you spend and this changes depending on the brand and offers on at the time of your purchases.

Boom25: Every 25th shopper wins back their money, no matter how big or small their purchase was.

How does it work?

Quidco: Browse offers from your most-loved brands through their links then purchase as normal. Receive your cashback into your Quidco account and withdraw the money via your bank, PayPal or as an Amazon gift card.

Boom25: It’s very straightforward. Search for your favourite retailer, click on the link and shop like you normally do. If you’re the 25th shopper in line, your purchase is refunded.

Is there a bonus scheme?

Quidco: Yep, you can get £10 cashback bonus every time you refer a friend to Quidco or one of their retailers. You’ll receive your bonus once your friend has earned £5 cashback.

Boom25: Every new member is automatically credited with a £1 bonus. If you were not the 25th shopper in line, you will receive a 50p bonus. In addition, you’ll earn a £2 bonus when you refer a friend and they make their first purchase.

Where can I shop?

Quidco: There are over 4,500 retailers to choose from in fashion, travel, insurance and much more! Plus, you don’t have to only shop online, Quidco can track your purchases in household shops too.

Boom25: Choose from 539 brands in clothing and accessories, health and beauty, entertainment and lots more.

Which site is best for me?

Quidco is best for serial shoppers who are able to accumulate earnings over time to build up a substantial cashback reward.

Boom25 is best for those who are planning to shop online anyway and are looking for a new and exciting way to make their purchases.

What’s your favourite cashback site? Post your answers below!