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Blog Uncategorized JFC Comp Winner Rescued from Oz

JFC Comp Winner Rescued from Oz

by Chris | Uncategorized

In April we launched a competition for one lucky PMPer to win their money back on a cheap flight deal through Jack’s Flight Club. The flights were flown, and the winner announced, but we were not expecting this astonishing story from our lucky flight winner

Nick was suffering from renal cancer when he had his right kidney removed in early 2017. Months later, his father sadly passed away. Nick’s sister emigrated to Australia in the eighties and their father had joined her after their mother died a few year later.

Nick flew out to Australia to help his sister with the funeral, paperwork, and other necessities that are involved with burying a loved one. Hours before his planned flight back to the UK, he was admitted to hospital where a large tumour was discovered on his spine. Nick was forced to choose between undergoing an emergency procedure or fly home as planned, and risk being paralysed.

Having missed his flight, stranded in Australia, Nick’s condition deteriorated when a rapid and efficient series of events necessitated both radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Months later, Nick was on the mend and stumbled upon Jack’s Flight Club on FPL (PMP):

“I was looking at various flight options then opened up the FPL page to see what was going on and there was a link to `Jack’s Flight Club’! I followed their advice and booked a flight at a ridiculously good price on excellent airlines and a 4 day stopover in Hawaii. How was Hawaii? It rained!!! but I’m a foodie, and I’d endured the Aussie summer (what a chore), so not a problem. Surprising how much Japanese cuisine there was available along with American hospitality… I’ve been with ‘FPL’ for a couple of years now and usually open the site daily but I really didn’t expect a big win! I’m still unable to work due to the ‘big C’ so this has come as a fantastic boost. So. Everyone out there. Whether it’s a life threatening disorder your facing or the prospect of not winning a draw, don’t give up!!! And thank you FPL (PMP) once again for making this happen.”

Not only did Nick get a bargain flight home and a nice trip to Hawaii, he has now won his money back. Result!

It was hard not to be moved by Nick’s story, and we’re so pleased we helped make it happen, as I’m sure Jack’s Flight Club are too. Thanks for sharing Nick!

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. Sorry you didn’t win, but we very much hope you enjoyed your flights, and wherever it was you flew to. Keep an eye out for our next JFC competition!

In the meantime, if you haven’t signed up for Jack’s Flight Club you can do so here. It’s free and you get a 50p PMP Bonus 🙂

Chris & Team 🙂