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Blog Merry Christmas from FPL

Merry Christmas from FPL

by Chris | Uncategorized

Update: 119,775 of you found the time to visit over Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Thanks! 5p each comes to £5,988.75. I’ll round it up to £6k, so DEC, Shelter and Halo Dogs each get £2,000. Thanks for remembering to visit and enjoy the rest of your holidays!

If you’re like me you’ve already been bombarded with (often) insincere Christmas Messages from every business you’ve ever dealt with so I’m hesitant to add to the glut. I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who has patiently awaited a win, talked about us, written about us, tweeted, liked, and so on. For each person who visits the site on Christmas Day and Boxing Day we’ll be donating 5p to charity.

That should be about 120,000, so £6,000 which will be split between 3 charities that we are thinking of particularly at this time of year. Today marks the 11 year anniversary of the Boxing Day Tsunami so we’re donating to DEC to help deal with current and future Crises. Over 100,000 children will be homeless this Christmas, so we’re also giving to Shelter in England and Scotland to help in their efforts year round to find homes for the less fortunate. And finally, we’re donating to Halo Dogs which is a charity that is close to my heart for personal reasons. They rescue and rehabilitate dogs that have been abandoned or abused and work tirelessly to provide good homes for dogs even if it means they have to move in with them.

Also, we’ve thrown a few extra postcodes into the Stackpot 🙂

Merry Christmas

Chris, Will & Shona