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Christmas is a time for sharing!

by Chris | Uncategorized

As you may have noticed we’ve had lots of offers for new Quidco members recently, but we have also been working our socks off to create an offer for FPL-ers who are already Quidco members.

Now we have finally cracked it! Quidco are offering exclusive deals to FPL members which will earn your friends a minimum of £10 cash back when they make a purchase and you’ll get £10 as a thank you for spreading the Quidco love.

How Refer-A-Friend works:

1. You must be an existing Quidco member. If you’re not, look here for some lovely jubbly deals.

2. Find a deal that you want to share with your friend.

3. Share the link (first 3 are at the end of this post) with them on Facebook, Twitter or in an email or text. Remember to give your friend the email address you use for your Quidco account.

4. Your friend then clicks on the link, signs up to Quidco and makes their first purchase.

5. They’ll receive their cash back and you’ll get a tenner to say thanks!

As an added incentive, tell your friend about FPL and if they join and send us their receipt they will get £10 added to their FPL bonus as a welcome from FPL and Quidco.

Which of the following do you think your friends will like?

1. £2 for £13 exclusive where new members will get £13 back on any purchase over £13 and the referring friend will also get a £10 Quidco bonus. Buy from 4,500+ retailers to qualify!

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Expires: 31st December, 2016

2. How about money back from any purchases at Argos just in time for Christmas? New members will get £10 cashback on spends over £10 with Argos, and the referring friend will also get a £10 Quidco bonus

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Expires: 31st December, 2016

3. Get free lego from Zavvi. New members will get £15 cashback when purchasing any Lego Zavvi set and the referring friend will also get a £10 Quidco bonus too.

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Expires: 31st December 2016

You can refer as many friends as you like so what are you waiting for? Happy sharing!