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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Prizes Win a day-changing amount of money?

Win a day-changing amount of money?

by Chris | News, Prizes

chrisThis used to be our tagline. We’re still unashamed of our tiny prizes because we’re proud to be free, but our tiny prizes have since grown-up. This has been making us think… Who are we?

When we (I) launched in 2011 there was one daily £10 prize. This was enough to get the ball rolling before being doubled to £20 a year later. We now give a lot more away:

Main Draw: £500
Video Draw: £100
Survey Draw: £50
Stackpot: 10 x £10
Bonus Draws: £5, £10 and £20
Flash Draw: 5 x £5
The top secret Mini Draw, that no one apart from Dave Moore’s inner-circle know about: £100

If you notice the comments made on social media and Trustpilot, they are nearly always from people who have won the smaller prizes. We barely hear a peep from those who win the three larger draws. We have our theories about why, but does this tell us something about who we are and who we should be? Is £500, never mind rollovers, too much?

Here’s what we think:

Giving away big prizes might make us seem more official, and less personal.
Big prize winners might worry about attracting unwanted attention from “friends”.
Big prizes might encourage greed, rather than fun.
Although… Big prizes are exciting and grab “headlines”.

We asked a few of you on our Survey Draw, “What do you prefer?”:

A few big prizes
More smaller prizes

More than twice as many of you chose “More smaller prizes”. So… What do we do? Well, nothing for now. We’ve had our fill of big changes recently, but we’d like to start the conversation. We’ve created a survey which we would love you to answer if you have time.


Chris & Team 🙂