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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog 15% Reached. Prize Fund Increase + £500 Referral Competition!

15% Reached. Prize Fund Increase + £500 Referral Competition!

by Chris | News


I’m very happy and proud to announce that 15% of the UK’s postcodes are now registered on FPL. As always, to share in the good fortune I’m putting the daily prize fund up. This time the Survey Draw has been put up to £100 per day. In addition, there’s £500 up for grabs in our biggest ever Referral Competition

This increase means that we’re giving away £275 per day, which is over £100,000 per year. Not only that, but by complete coincidence we’ve now given over £100,000 away in prizes since we started in April 2011. So, today is quite a day for FPL landmarks!

I can also announce that the Main Draw daily prize pot will be going up to £200 when we reach the 16% mark. That will be £325 per day, and over £118,000 per year!

£500 Referral Competition

Because the next landmark is the big one we’re running a different referral competition than normal. This time there are five £100 prizes up for grabs. Any referrals made between now and the moment we cross over 16% will be put into a pot. Five referrals will be chosen at random winning each referrer £100. It’s worth noting that a referrer can win more than once, so if you’re really good at making referrals, and really lucky, you could walk away with the full £500!

As usual, you can pick up your Referral Link here as well as post it directly to Facebook, Twitter, and now WhatsApp (if you’re on mobile) using the social share buttons.

Do be clever about where you post it. Perhaps you are an active member of a forum or have a busy Facebook page. Just please refrain from making yourself a nuisance. I know that websites like MoneySavingExpert.com have created a special area for posting referral links so that you don’t litter the rest of their wondrous website.

Thanks to everyone for all the visits, the past referrals and lovely comments. I promise you this is still (relatively) the beginning 🙂

Best of luck