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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Entertainment Attention all music artists & video makers!

Attention all music artists & video makers!

by Chris | Entertainment, News, Video Draw

We, at Pick My Postcode, are looking for music videos to share on our video draw page.

Our video draw page receives over 100,000 views every single day, and we would love to showcase your music videos, free of charge!

What is the video draw?

Our video draw is one of our lottery draws where members need to view the video to reveal the postcode.

Videos on Pick My Postcode have an audience completion rate 82%, compared to just 70% at YouTube.

Who are we?

Pick My Postcode is a fun, free online lottery draw, funded by ad revenue and market research surveys. So far, we have given away a grand total of £1,542,318 to our lucky winning members.

The website includes six different draws, plus an additional £5 flash draw. In total there are 17 opportunities to win money for free on our website every single day.

Over 2.8 million people have registered on our website, and we have 220,000 unique daily visitors.

We feel this could be a great opportunity for you to showcase your talent to a wide and broad audience.

Contact us!

If you are interested, please get in touch with us over at admin@pickmypostcode.com.

In order for us to share a video, we will need written permission from the owner to share the footage (via email is fine.) We also require an MP4 video file version, a short bio about them and some social media links.

As soon as we have this, we will add the video to our waiting list. It will be live on our website as soon as possible!