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Blog Bargain hunter? Let your browser do it.

Bargain hunter? Let your browser do it.

by Chris | Money Saving, Offers, Tips

We’d like to introduce you to the guys from Pouch. If you’re a fan of BBC’s Dragons’ Den you might recognise them as the guys who got offers from all five dragons earlier this year. Now they want you to .

I love Dragon’s Den. I haven’t missed an episode since the first one in 2005 (despite Peter Jones’ relentless attempts to put me off with his terrible jokes). If you didn’t see it, Pouch is a browser “extension” that, once installed, alerts you when you’re on a website with a voucher code or offer associated with it. It will give you all you need to redeem it without having navigate away from where you are. The drawback at the moment though… is that it doesn’t work on mobile. So this is only for “desktop” users, although I’m assured they have plans to address this.

When I saw these guys I was initially sceptical. If a voucher code appears when you were going to buy something anyway, what is the value to the brands that release them? If everyone used Pouch, surely they would just stop. I then realised that they weren’t limited to voucher codes. They can also alert you to offers, discounts and more, and you can just get on with browsing around the web as you would normally.

You can and give it a go. You’ll also get 50p FPL Bonus automatically – like magic!

Let us know what you think.

Chris 🙂