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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Freebies Neighbourly Christmas on the Cards

Neighbourly Christmas on the Cards

by Chris | Freebies

Each year the magic recedes to reveal more of the commercial takeover of Christmas. TV is littered with summer-filmed ads featuring comedy Dads forgetting to buy the “this is not just” turkey, and totally nonsensical perfume plots. It also presents an opportunity to remember what I used to really enjoy about the season. One of those things is getting together with neighbours.

I currently live in London where, we’re led to believe, community is kaput. In August we threw a street party and nearly the entire street shared food and chatted into the early hours of the morning. We now talk regularly, do each other favours and even have a WhatsApp group. The community was there… it just needed some ice breaking.

Inspired by this, and in the spirit of festive frugality, our design wizz Kat has created these free printable cards to fold and pop through your neighbours’ letterboxes. When downloading, you’ll be prompted to add your street number (optional) and the back features a plug (of course) for PMP along with a shortened version of your referral link so that you can get the Bonus as they sign up. Not to mention giving your postcode a better chance of winning!

She’s taken great care to make them as white, and low-ink, as possible, and the inside can be personalised with your own message. Perhaps an invite to pop round for a mince pie… or just a reminder that you need your lawnmower back.

This is the first year that my young family will be spending our Christmas at our own home, so we’ll be using these ourselves. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and any stories of new or rekindled friendships over the holidays.


Chris 🙂