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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog Community Save hundreds on your groceries with Snip from PMP

Save hundreds on your groceries with Snip from PMP

by May | Community, Deals, Discounts, Freebies, News, Offers, Promotion, Special offer, Websites

You’ve probably seen this lurking around PMP over the last week. On January 3rd, we launched Snip. It’s another way to help you through the cost of living crisis, but this time without the luck of the draw.

Over the last two years food prices have risen by 27%, according to the Office for National Statistics. We want to help UK consumers who are feeling the pain of these rises by giving them access to real savings on their supermarket bills and at other retailers too. You won’t have to wait for cashback or a receipt to be validated. You receive the discounts up front, in real time.

The average weekly food cost for the typical UK household is around £79, or £4,124 a year and up around 18% from a year ago (based on 2.3 people per household). Even with Snip’s modest savings, the average UK household could snip between £164.32 to £246.48 a year off your groceries. Not to mention the discounts on hundreds of other brands; from Argos to ASOS, to B&Q and Uber, so you can save money one snip at a time.

So, how does Snip work?

Snip is a one-stop hub for you to enjoy benefits from global brands, with up to 6% off at most major UK supermarkets, plus up to 50% off at other top retailers. You’ll find three different kinds of offers on-site:

  • eGifts – All eGifts can be used in-store, and only some can be used online
  • Promo codes – which can be applied at basket (online only)
  • Click through offers – when a brand has a site-wide deal (online only)

Snip uses a simple eGift card system which you use to pay for your purchases:

  1. Search for the retailer you are making a purchase with.
    See what, and where, you can save here.
  2. Punch the amount into your phone either at the till or pre-load before you go.
  3. Show or scan the barcode at the till to instantly snip the bill by 4-50% depending on where you’re shopping.

Still not convinced? Read more how it works here. We also have an FAQ for those common questions you might have, and if they’re not answered there you can always email us at help@getsnip.co.uk.

We’re confident you’ll love Snip, as much as we do so sign up for your 14 days free now.

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