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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

PMP ya later 2018!

by Chris | News

Spendmas is over and it’s time to get excited about changing a 4-digit number and to reminisce over the last one. 2018 was an interesting year for us. We changed our name to appease a foreign gambling business who took legal action because our name was too similar, only to emerge in a never-ending EU debacle (GDPR. We don’t talk about the other one). Neither killed us, but both were character-building. 2019 may be an arbitrary number, but at least it isn’t 2018.

It wasn’t all bad. We gained our two-millionth member, gave away over £385,000 for FREE (including Winadinner.com and Freemojilottery.com), donated and raised tens of thousands of pounds for charities via Shrouds of the Somme, a guy carrying a bag of sand on his shoulder to John O’Groats, Sleep Walk for Shelter, and our own Double & Donate scheme. Gambling businesses should take note, especially the ones who endlessly boast about how much they’re forced to donate.

We also asked 186 questions on our Survey Draw, and you provided 11,477,134 responses (and counting). That’s quite impressive, and we’ll be sharing some more results with you soon.

How was your 2018? Got any good stories? We want to hear from you in the comments section below.

Otherwise, see you in 2019!


Chris & Team x