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Blog Get ahead with your health

Get ahead with your health

by Chris | Competitions, Reviews, Special offer

Not a usual FPL topic, but an important one nonetheless. I’ve recently discovered Thriva, a new way to be proactive with my health and have been given an exclusive deal to share with FPL members. Get 50% of your first testing kit, and a chance to win a year’s worth for free!

A few weeks ago I was complaining about constant tiredness to the FPL team. Our designer Kat, suggested I look at Thriva to see whether I had an iron deficiency, or similar. Having looked at their website I was convinced to give it a shot, and signed up to their “Baseline” subscription. Every 3 months I get a kit sent out to me, including everything I need to collect a blood sample from my finger and send it back in a pre-paid envelope. Yeah, it hurts a tiny bit but not more than a scratch. A few days later I was sent an email with a link to read a report about my health, including recommendations on diet and lifestyle changes.

The detail contained in the report covers cholesterol, vitamin D, iron, and liver function (which I was most worried about – hic!) and gives you benchmarks to compare against. This has given me clear and actionable changes to make improvements before the next test arrives in 3 months.

They also offer other, more specific tests, including testosterone, vitamin B12, lifestyle, energy and thyroid. The quarterly cost of the Baseline subscription is £49, which may seem a lot to some, but others (including myself) would think that £17 per month to detect health issues before they become a problem is worth it. To help, they’ve offered our members 50% off the first test (£24.50) if you use the links on this article (and/or use the discount code: FPL50). If you’re not convinced after the first test then there’s no obligation to carry on. Also, you’ll be entered into a competition to win a full year’s subscription for free!

Here’s how it works:

[fplButton color=”info” url=”https://freepostcodelottery.com/thriva” text=”Get your first Thriva kit”]
So, did I have an iron deficiency? Nope… I just have 2 young kids and a slight work addiction 🙂

Good luck, and good health!

Chris 🙂