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Blog Two more FPLers Win £1000 Each on Tengi

Two more FPLers Win £1000 Each on Tengi

by Chris | News

Back in August we helped a new chat App called Tengi launch by promoting them in our daily emails. Since then 4 FPLers have won the weekly £1000 Jackpot. We’re chuffed, as I’d imagine they are too!

Jason from Gosport and Tina from Stockport downloaded Tengi when they heard about it on FPL and have, in the last 2 weeks, both won £1000.

If you’ve not downloaded Tengi yet you can read more about it and find the download links for Android and iOS on the original Tengi post (sorry, no Windows yet).

Why am I promoting this? Well, I love the way that Tengi has taken the same ad-funded prize draw idea as FPL but has used it in a new innovative way. That, and FPLers have given some great feedback on it, not to mention the thousands of pounds that have been won in big and little prizes. Also, they’re going to return the favour to FPL and advertise us later in the year when they start their big campaign. Everyone wins! Surely, this is what the internet is for 🙂

Well done guys!