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Formerly Free Postcode Lottery

Blog 50 Free Lottery Tickets for Xmas?

50 Free Lottery Tickets for Xmas?

by Chris | Deals, Special offer, Websites

A few months ago I wrote a review of Wshful, a new lottery syndicate service that gives the UK access to international lotteries with huge jackpots. I’m no fan of paid lotteries, but was surprised how many FPLers signed up. Wshful were so pleased they’ve spent €1,000 on free lottery tickets for FPL/Wshful members!

Wshful have created a free syndicate for anyone who signed up to them via FPL. They’ve bought fifty El Gordo tickets for €20 each. El Gordo is a massive Spanish lottery with humongous jackpots, and on the 22nd of December, it’s €2.38 Billion! More here (scroll down).

Wshful free lottery tickets

Whilst I would never endorse a paid lottery, like I said in the original blog post, if you like to spend a few quid on a chance to win obscene amounts of money this gives you access to the big ones that you can’t enter by visiting your local newsagent. Inclusion in the El Gordo syndicate is free, but it requires you to be a paid subscriber of their normal service. Please read up before you sign up.

Otherwise, thank you Wshful for the lovely gesture, and best of luck of the 22nd of December.

Feliz Navidad!