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Blog Deals Your energy supplier is ripping you off. Get your own back.

Your energy supplier is ripping you off. Get your own back.

by grace | Deals, Money Saving, Offers

Another week, another price rise. Such is life. It’s the nature of the energy bill beast. But why? Since when did we become so beaten down by rip-off tactics that we all surrender our cash and give in?

Over at Look After My Bills, a new automatic switching service, it’s clear to them what’s wrong with the energy industry and they believe there’s a simple solution staring us in the face.

The price rise epidemic

Only two weeks ago, Scottish Power was the latest Big Six supplier to ‘fall victim’ to the price hike lurgy. Following British Gas, EON and EDF, they announced a 5.5% price rise, lumping an extra £63 on to the average annual bill. Higher wholesale energy costs and government policy were blamed. So far so reasonable..?

Don’t fall for the fluff

The idea that Scottish Power’s most loyal customers should face a hefty price rise is a tough pill to swallow when they later announced a profit increase of 235%, earning them a huge £131 million. The fact that this announcement comes only a week after a price rise lays bare how unabashed and seemingly invincible big energy companies have become. If you’re already on an expensive standard variable tariff, then an extra £63 on your bill is by no means pocket change.

Why do we put up with this?

Sure, there are comparison sites where you could find yourself a new supplier. But let’s be honest, it’s pretty much the last thing any of us want to be doing with our time. Trawling through quote after quote is a chore we would rather sweep under the carpet and forget about.

The solution

Look After My Bills is the modern way to save money on your energy bills. Their auto-switching service is the easiest way to get yourself a cheap deal and STAY on a cheap deal, year in year out.

They keep things simple. All you need to do:

  • Pop in a few basic energy details on their website
  • One speedy sign-up gets you lifelong service
  • They report back with all your switch details so you’re always in the know

Plus, it’s entirely FREE.

And they go the extra mile. They take the time to research suppliers and will only switch you to a company that they trust.

Worry less about price rises or getting ripped off again. Instead you can focus on the important things.